The True Rest at Amburan Mall!

Along with hard work and tedious work weeks, it is important to set aside time for rest. Moral rest, rising motivation and quiet post-work rest will not be too difficult for you. We invite you to the Amburan Mall, a place for recreation and entertainment with your family, friends and loved ones.

Choosing a restaurant is one of the most important leisure activities. Amburan Mall offers you a great mood with delicious food in front of the spectacular terrace and views of the blue waters of the Caspian. You should definitely visit Ca`d`oro, Cake Bake to enjoy delicious desserts and sweets. Villa Turkish, which offers delectable cuisine, and one of the fastest-growing favorites, KFC, McDonald's, Bir İki Döner is a must-have between your choices.

Entertainment is one of the most important factors that make resting even more memorable. Happy hour with boundless fun awaits you at Amburan Mall! Both you and your children will experience true excitement here.

Be prepared to conquer the virtual reality with ANVIO VR, while having fun learning your kids and raising their happy laughs is the responsibility of Amburan Kids. The fun does not end there, so you can watch the new premieres on CinemaPlus on a wide and light screen.

Unlimited entertainment and truly relaxing are waiting for you at Amburan Mall!