New Year's atmosphere at Amburan Mall!

We are leaving a great year behind and moving on to the new year. With the advent of December, the New Year's weather is beginning to be felt everywhere. The whole city dazzles with ornamental pine trees and colorful decorations. Amburan Mall, in turn, has completed its New Year preparations and is ready to welcome its guests with aura and a different look!

The tall Christmas tree, multicolored lights, and decorations adorned with spectacular toys give everyone a true New Year's Eve. With your way out of Amburan Mall, you can make your home Christmas shopping and benefit from good deals and discounts. With the shopping from Bravo, you can decorate your New Year's Eve with delicious treats and easily create New Year's atmosphere in your home with Sel Home and Bravo.

Amburan Mall waiting for you to make your new year more exciting!