Holiday Sale from Amburan Kids!

It's a vacation time after a heavy 2-month education period!

New knowledge, tasks, and tired school students begin their first school year holiday on November 16. Children tired of the tedious day of school, new knowledge and tasks will be on the first holiday of the new school year from November 16th.

Dear parents, how do you think about making your kids' vacation fun? We have an offer for you! Enough to visit Amburan Mall!

Kids will be able to enjoy a truly fun and authentic holiday at Amburan Kids, with a discount of 50% off from 13:00 to 20:00 on all holidays, including November 16.

Evaluate the labor of the little ones in the new school year and give them some fun playing hours at Amburan Kids!

For more information: 012 525 35 53