Exciting Weekend at Amburan Mall!

If you are still thinking of where to go this weekend, we have a great offer!

With the arrival of November, the autumn weather is beginning to feel. If you think that rainy, windy weather will not allow you to spend the weekend how you want, you are mistaken. Never allow rainy weather to ruin your vacation. Because each season has its own rest. As if the cold drinks and cool sea air around the sea made the weekend colder during the hot summer, a cup of hot tea, coffee or chocolate in the first autumn will warm your heart and your loved ones around you.

On this chilly weekend, Amburan Mall offers you an exciting day. Of course, you will be with your family or loved ones because every member of the family needs rest. You deserve a good rest after a busy work week, and after a hard day at school. And the little ones want to be with their parents.

Amburan Kids opens the doors for your children. Kids between the ages of two and six will have a lot of fun in Sweet City. The city of sweetness will entertain little cute children. Professional staff will also monitor and facilitate the work of parents.

Three-eight-year-olds who love cars will drive both cars and car maintenance in Motor City. Here the supervisors will also introduce them to traffic regulations and explain in Motor City experience the importance of following these rules. Kids will learn how to refuel at their petrol station, change the tire at the repair point, and fix minor problems.

Three-eight-year-old creative lovers are welcomed in Builder City. By dressing in engineer clothes, the children will disassemble, construct, disassemble and build. In short, they will be able to use their imagination to become familiar with the basics of this work. Maybe at this moment, they will make two decisions about their future careers.

Anvio VR is waiting for everyone who loves movement, dynamics, and heroism. Not only adolescents but adults alike can turn away from the reality of being surrounded and become the hero of the virtual world. The excitement, the fearsome equipment, the sound system will instantly transform you into your favorite heroes. You can even live this experience with your teenage children. You could be her, or she could be your hero.

Cinema Plus's repertoire this weekend is very colorful: Maleficent, The Joker, The Adams Family, The Terminator. Join movies and sessions for everyone. Choosing the popcorn you want is just a few hours away from your favorite genre.

Get close to McDonald's, KFC, Cake Bake, Lviv Handmade Chocolate for more hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate and other cool offers during the first days of autumn. There is also a selection of delicious and interesting sweets here, which is one of the main factors that makes the cold days so enjoyable.

Lunch lovers of fast food already know where to go. KFC and Mcdonald's are waiting for you with their classic menu and updates.

For Turkish cuisine lovers, the Villa Turkish Cuisine will be served with delicious dishes.

If you have not done the rations shopping for the weekends, they will be able to do so. Come to Bravo Supermarket and enjoy the campaign here. So, from October 31st to November 13th there will be discounted prices for selected products.