Up to 50% off Bravo for home appliances!

Washing machines, refrigerators and many other household appliances from Bravo are more profitable!

Bravo, which has consistently attracted the attention of its customers with its discount campaigns, also applies home discounts. During the campaign, which will run on November 14-27, selected home appliances will be offered to customers at a discount of up to 50%.

Midea brand defrost refrigerators are not for 459 AZN, 379 AZN, 5 kg washing machine is not for 419 AZN, 299 AZN and heater radiator is not for 129 AZN, with 50% discount for 64,5 AZN. 30% discount on all types of vacuum cleaners.

Likewise, when you buy a Panasonic microwave oven for 199 AZN, you will receive a blender - cocktail maker and a scoop as a gift when you buy a Tefal iron for 79 AZN.

We also want to note that not only during the campaign period, but you can also apply to Bravo all year round to buy home appliances with up to 36 months advance payment with 0% commission and easy repayment during those months.

With Amburan Mall Bravo, it's very easy to meet all your home needs!