The summer season opening event was held at Amburan Mall!

On June 16th, a seasonal opening event took place at Amburan Mall, an open-air venue that is part of the PASHA Malls portfolio!

Kemal Bashturk, the COO at PASHA Malls, greeted the attendees, including our partners, colleagues, and other guests, and mentioned that the main purpose of our gathering here is to welcome the summer and introduce visitors to the innovations, weekend events, and services offered at our shopping center.

It should be noted that throughout the summer months, refreshing beverages and ice cream kiosks, as well as newly opened restaurants and children's entertainment centers, are at the guests' service in our shopping center. Later, the opening event continued throughout the night with activities such as musical programs, wine tastings, and a fire show.

We await each and every one of you at Amburan Mall to experience the spirit of summer! We are with you all summer long with adventure, entertainment, shopping, and our unique flavors!