The new Grand Burger from McDonald's!

Meet McDonald's 20-year-old special burger in Azerbaijan - Grand Burger!

Fastfood delights customers with this new flavor added to McDonald's menu, one of everyone's favorite destinations. The Grand Burger is served in two types, including Grand Bif and Grand Chicken.

Grand Bif burger is made of 100% beef steak, delicious barbecue sauce, spicy cheese, crisp salad, fresh onions and tomatoes among soft brioche bun. The Grand Chicken Burger consists of chicken broccoli, a delicious lemon-garlic sauce, a spicy cheese, crisp salad, and tomatoes.

You can get a Grand Burger menu that includes burgers, medium-sized french fries, and medium-sized refreshments by paying an extra 2 AZN when ordering both meat and chicken.

It's time to discover new flavors with Ganjlik Mall McDonald's!