Winter Fairy Tale

Amburan Mall Cinema Plus presents a premiere of another interesting film as every Thursday. You can watch the movie “Winter Fairy Tale” in Amburan Mall starting from the 28th of November.

Once upon a time... On New Year’s eve, at one of the hotels, there were, a skydiving guy with acrophobia, a couple, unable to wed for five years because of elders, two Turkish celebrity, forced to stay in one room, a young guy, unable to admit his love due to being indecisive, a guy, bringing an unknown woman to the hotel, posing her as his wife, Santa Claus, dwarf and a couple of families, not believing in New Year miracles. But they couldn’t even imagine their dreams magically coming true on this night, turning their life into a fairy tale, ‘Winter Tale’, just like the film.

All the dreams come true when you believe in them!

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