Karakomik Filmler

Amburan Mall Cinema presents a premiere of another interesting film as every Thursday. You can watch the movie “Karakomik Filmler” in Amburan Mall starting from the 24th of October.

KACAMAK: 4 pals find themselves in the middle of an adventure involving the US Army and aliens when one of them is gone missing during their secret weekend getaway without their wives in a spa center in Komluk.

2 ARADA: Working on a ferry as a waiter, Ayzek, having a defect with his front teeth, dreams to get his front teeth fixed and to marry his girlfriend, Songul. The news gets out that the ferry company is turning over the management to a new one and the whole crew is to be interviewed. When the interviewer arrives on board, Ayzek's world is turned upside down.

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