Goodbye Schmidt!

Amburan Mall Cinema presents a premiere of another interesting film as every Thursday. You can watch the movie “Goodbye Schmidt!” in Amburan Mall starting from 26th of September.

Emil Schmidt belongs to the German ethnicity and wishes to immigrate to Germany. He dreams to realize his goal by applying to the German Embassy with official requests every month, but at the very beginning, nothing is that simple, as it seems to be to him. He is being accepted, but only to the offices. He is being heard, but nobody listens to him. People feel sorry for him, but they don't help…The remarkable hero story of this picture will share with us an autumn sorrow and a summer joy and will allow us to live through his fate and to keep silent about the meaning of life. What could be higher than human values, love, and freedom? What could be closer to us than the Motherland? What could be more important for a person whose life can end at any moment?

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