The World of Drivers Waiting for Kids!

Little Auto Lovers Will Race with Us!

This is Their City!

We are all aware of the love of cars of children. Children ages 2-8 will enjoy unlimited fun here. The opportunity to drive on a true motorway makes this area very popular with kids. Let them choose what they want from the cars at the park and start to drive. Within ten minutes they will drive their cars as they please. They will get to know our city better in the gas station, tire repair shop and police station.

Work hours: Tuesday – Thursday 11:00-22:00, Friday 11:00-22:00, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 11:00-22:00, Monday is a non-working day

(+994) 51 207 21 08|(+994) 12 525 35 53

Price list

 During the weekWeekend
Child16.00 AZN20.00 AZN
Adult6.00 AZN6.00 AZN
Motor City Driving (10 minutes)10.00 AZN12.00 AZN
Child Guidance Fee (an hour)10.00 AZN12.00 AZN
Child Guidance Fee ( For each additional hour)6.00 AZN7.00 AZN

Facility Rules & Regulations