Kids Club by Bumblebee

Play, entertain, discover!

Creative activities for the little ones!

A new playground "Kids Club by Bumblebee" has already opened in Amburan Kids. In the new activity areas, kids over 3 years old will have an educational and fun time with their little friends.
With master classes "Slime", "Art" and "Cooking", which are children’s favorite activities, the kids will discover their creativity and improve fine motor skills. In the ” Play " room, kids will spend time efficiently and actively. We are waiting for all the little ones in "Kids Club by Bumblebee"!

Work hours: Tuesday – Thursday 13:00-21:00, Friday 12:00-21:00, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 11.00:21.00, Monday is a non-working day

(+994) 51 207 21 08|(+994) 12 525 35 53

Price list

 During the weekWeekend
Cooking15 AZN20 AZN
Art12 AZN15 AZN
Slime25 AZN30 AZN
Play25 AZN30 AZN
Cooking, Art, Slime, Play40 AZN50 AZN