Your Kids will Live Limitless Excitement!

Kids will Live Entertaining and Exciting Memories in Here!

Bono Bourg - if your kid is 7 years old or older, this place is for him! 

Various activities such as Soft Cubes, Climbing Wall, Free Fall, which are located in Bono Bourg, rich in interesting attractions, will both entertain your child and have a positive impact on his physical development.

Work hours: Tuesday – Thursday 13:00-21:00, Friday 12:00-21:00, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 11.00:21.00, Monday is a non-working day

(+994) 51 207 21 08|(+994) 12 525 35 53

Price list

 During the weekWeekend
Child20.00 AZN25.00 AZN
Adult6.00 AZN6.00 AZN

Facility Rules & Regulations