The heroic arena at ANVIO awaits you!

Recently, virtual reality games, a new form of entertainment for young people, have become a trend. Among these venues, the world-famous ANVIO VR operates in Baku. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, this space is located on the second floor of the Amburan Mall, which turns every player away from reality and saves other worlds.

One of the features that distinguish ANVIO is its ability to play as a team at the same time and in the same reality. Sensors adjacent to accessories receive data and reconcile with other players' data. The image is seen with virtual reality glasses. As a result, the person in the game sees not only his actions but also his partners in the game. According to the founder of the project Eldar Iskhakov, it is precisely the professional cameras and the new "engine" - Unreal 4, which allow you to have absolute freedom in the virtual world.

ANVIO VR Baku offers two different types of games for young people, for fans of Sci-Fi - Station Zarya, and for true combat lovers - City Z. ANVIO VR, which has gained popularity among game lovers in our city for a short time, offers discounted prices for winter. Fans 15 years of age or older can show their strength for 45 minutes with a single or 4-person team, paying 25 AZN a week and 40 AZN on weekends. So if you don't want to miss the exciting and interesting moments, come to ANVIO VR!

For more information, please contact (012) 525 35 53.